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Gail Goldstein

About the Author

Gail Goldstein has been a certified speech language pathologist in both Illinois and Kentucky for over 40 years.  She was tenured in the public school systems in both states and is currently licensed in Kentucky.

She established the first hospital and nursing home speech pathology practice in Madison County Kentucky and provided home health therapy in Jackson and Rockcastle Counties.  Gail provided patient therapy at:  preschool settings, adult day care, parochial school, and in sheltered workshop settings for adults in residential care.

Gail’s love of research, grounding in scientific method, and joy in creating customized materials for her therapy participants
resulted in the following:

– Created personalized training books preparing autistic adults for major surgery. These books provided the basis for interaction between the patient and the hospital staff during their stay. The experiences underscored the undeniable need for training in pain response for this community.

– An alternative for mild-moderate dysphagia patients who refused thickened liquids.

– A screening tool for stroke patients whose history revealed less than standard literacy levels.

– A screening tool for auditory processing skills of elementary students normed on 170 children grades K,1,3,5 and incorporated into a system-wide protocol used during the late 1970’s in Fayette County Schools.

– A proposal submitted to National Institutes of Health small business innovative research grant program and American Dental Fund (Fall 1984).  It was for norming and field testing of a picture speech and language screening instrument designed for administration in the
dental office.

– A presentation: “Factors Effecting Amount of Therapy for Dysphagia…a review of 300 consecutive cases,” American Speech-Language-Hearing Association convention, November 1997, Boston, MA and Kentucky Speech and Hearing Association, March 1997, Lexington, KY.

Gail’s publications include:

“Effectiveness of Classroom Speech Improvement,” The Kentucky Journal of Speech-Language Pathology an Audiology.  Vol. 6 #1,
(1982) 17-21.

“A Therapeutic Approach to Eating Problems of the Elderly,” Kentucky Medical News, Vol. 2 #4, (September 1995) 11-12.

The publication of My Pain Alert™ Scale Communication Tool is the result of Gails’ passion for detail and her compelling desire to make a difference in the lives of her patients. It incorporates her countless experiences over a career of practice in the field of Speech Language Pathology.  This book is a labor of love created especially for use by anyone experiencing pain and struggling to communicate it.


Jan Schippits

Jan’s career includes design, branding, and integrated marketing strategy and execution for projects requiring multiple channels.  She thrives on creatively attacking multi-level programs for Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer products and companies. For this project Jan created a simple cartoon character in a primer layout that set the message tone to help both the reader and the patient focus on their personal feelings and goals as they use this book. Jan has BA degrees in both Communications and Art from Elmhurst College.


Blair Malloy

The owner of Smiling Shamrock Photography, Blair has always been a creator. From playing the violin to earning a Le Cordon Bleu in Culinary Arts degree, Blair puts her own creative spin on everything she does. For this project, she used her music ability to fine tune the song and used her photography expertise to shoot the video. This project is near and dear to her heart because Blair has a first-grader with pain issues; giving her the ability to add valuable personal insight to this project. Blair received a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Phoenix University and an Associates in Culinary Arts from Pennsylvania Culinary Institute.  She is a Certified Le Cordon Bleu Culinarian.

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Our Story

We are family members:  a graphic designer/marketing manager, a professional photographer with music skills, and a speech language pathologist with a love of research.  One of our family members is a little guy who lashed out when his pain got too bad.  A social media “share” including the well-known Wong-Baker Faces elicited the comment:  “We could do this better.” Our original plan was to create:  an e-book which could be reviewed in a doctor’s waiting room; a print book which could be personalized; and a video which could provide the environmental context necessary for some autistic individuals.  We have been told that our concept could be a software application.  We are aware that the gold standard for a pain scales is to have solid reliability and validity data.  We hope that will happen.  The time lapse between Wong-Baker Faces and our product is over 20 years.  A product for children younger than eight years and individuals with complex communication issues is needed now.  About our little guy: After practicing with our prototype stories he began to come to his mother requesting meds as soon as the pain started, making life for everyone much easier.

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