Kids should not have to talk “doctor speak.”

Reading and talking about the boy in our scale stories.

Reduce Family Stress

    This one of a kind book was created by three Moms for people who need pain management but are:  too young, too memory challenged, overwhelmed by being asked to rate their pain on a 10 level scale,  or confused  by emojis. Commonly used  pain scales require remembering a previous pain experience and comparing it.   Those scales were tested on children without seperating non-readers. Our scale is simpler and faster to use for everyone. 


Your favorite book seller will send you My Pain Alert(TM) Scale Communication Tool for $7.99

Our book is the ONLY book in print helping you teach your loved one the words to tell the amount of pain they experience. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple all carry our book. It is offered in print and as a kindle or ePub download.  Put it on your iPad through iTunes  so you are always ready to get the right help for pain.  It’s  just 4.3 Mb at $2.99.


Save your healthcare dollars.

Families using My Pain Alert(TM) Scale have saved time and effort getting a child or family limited communicator’s pain under control.  Little children were able to  direct their parents, so the best action could be done immediately.  Older children came out of surgery  requesting the exact pain management they needed, resulting in a shorter than previous hospital stay. 

Product Features

Easy to Use

For most users:  Start reading the My Pain Alert Stories which describe each pain level.  Get even more practice with the scale by learning sign language for each level name.  

Supported by Research

Our field trial of 10 families experiencing repeat hospitalizations, and 5 families experiencing ordinary health needs all reported less stress and faster solutions to pain events after reading My Pain Alert together.

Less Caregiver Stress

Medical personnel depend on family and caregivers when someone can’t report their level of pain.  Practice with this book  puts parent and child on the same page.  Our scale words are quickly understood by patients and doctors.

What Parents Say

Read their own words - how this book helps their children in our first blog:  “Users Said.” We will add blogs about use with:  stroke, autism, and alternative communication.  Everyone needs help when in pain.


Free downloads from this site.

Do you need  the product facts to think about or share?  Print “Rx” download.

Do you want a way to help the doctor provide the best care?  Print "Care Giver Notes."

Do you need a medical cost saving research plan?  Print "MPA Recommended Research."


Wipe Clean Binder Edition Available

Pain Management and Child Life team members from major hospitals told us they needed a book that opened flat and wiped clean for their patients use.  We are offering our binder edtion  through this website.

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Get Help Communicating for Pain Needs



Order My Pain Alert(TM) Scale Communication Tool as a print book or a Kindle download.

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Apple download

This book is a 4.3mb download from the iTunes Store.  It’s small enough to carry where every you go.  

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Get Help with a Communication challenge

An ASHA Speech Language Pathologist  can help your special learner get their pain management needs met using our tool.  lCick on ASHA button.  Go to "the Public".  "Find a Professional" is near the bottom of ASHA's home page.



Are there other tools for parents to teach their child how to manage pain?

 No.  We took on this creative challenge  because it was going to be years before our little guy had the working memory and experience base to use a typical pain scale to get his needs met.

Can I buy it in a store?

You can order it through any bookstore.  We would like our purse size revision and disposable toys to be available in hospital gift shops.  Let your local shop manager know about My Pain Alert.


My Pain Alert Scale Plus


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Kit of MPAS+ Binder for use by Therapeutic Recreation Professional  with 50 wipe clean plastic scale cards. Contact us via with requests for other amounts of these  Items. 

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