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The Goal is to Help Families with Medical event Preparations.

Describing pain help needs is a medical event preparation skill everyone should have. A lot of pain happens at home. It is wise to work on this skill before loved ones need it desperately. This training tool is for family based pain care. Children near one year old have been able to sign “pain” and point where.


My Pain Alert Book Download

Available now- an upgrade of our one of a kind tool - a book which helps families deal with little ones' pain. Age neutral, our book reminds people of the help words they need to make their pain care easier. Check KOBO and Apple Books. 


Book Review Thank you

In our appreciation for your effort in reviewing our book about pain (something we all avoid)  you may receive  a MPA Scale +card  free of charge.  This is a world wide limited time offer.  Contact us by mail or email with the location of your review and your postal address.

Kids should not have to talk “doctor speak.”

Reading and talking about the boy in our scale stories.

Reduce Family Stress

    This one of a kind book was created by three Moms for people who need pain management but are:  too young, too memory challenged, overwhelmed by being asked to rate their pain on a 10 level scale,  or confused  by emojis. Commonly used  pain scales require remembering a previous pain experience and comparing it.   Those scales were tested on children without separating non-readers. Our scale is simpler and faster to use for everyone. 


Your favorite book seller will send you My Pain Alert(TM) Scale Communication Tool for $7.99

Our book is the ONLY book in print helping you teach your loved one the words to tell the amount of pain they experience. Amazon, KOBO, and Apple all carry our book. It is offered in print and as a fixed layout ePub download.  Put it on your iPad through iTunes  so you are always prepared to get the right help for pain. KOBO ebooks has the android version.  It’s just 6.1 Mb at $3.99.


Save your healthcare dollars.

Families using My Pain Alert(TM) Scale have saved time and effort getting a child or family limited communicator’s pain under control.  Little children were able to  direct their parents, so the best action could be done immediately.  Older children came out of surgery  requesting the exact pain management they needed, resulting in a shorter than previous hospital stay. 


My Pain Alert Scale Plus 4 card set


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Four remedy-based, five level pain description cards printed on bacteria and acid resistant plastic with cues and prompts to make getting the right pain care less stressful. Suitable for all ages.  Contact us via with requests for other  Items. 

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Original My Pain Alert Scale Communication Tool which helps train pain management communication.

Order My Pain Alert(TM) Scale Communication Tool as a print book.

Or ask any print book seller to order ISBN 9780998161006.  $7.99

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My Pain Alert Book cover with front of MPAS+ scale care.

My Pain Alert(R) Book  is now available from KOBO books (USA). Button for our less than 8 mB android download is below.Let us know if it works for you, and we will send you a MPA Scale + card for practice and ease of use. (See Book Review Thank you in Update).

Apple download

My Pain Alert Book cover.  Interior cover is word side of My Pain Alert Scale Plus.

This book is a download from Apple Books.  Small enough to carry in your phone, ready for any health emergency. 

Get Help with a Communication challenge

Parent and child reading to create shared knowledge base.

An ASHA Speech Language Pathologist  can help your special learner get their pain management needs met using our tool.  Click on ASHA button.  Click on 3 line square, then  "the Public".  "Find a Professional" is on that ASHA page.

Buy it in other countries

MPAS+ is easy to use for older people.
Talk about pain scale to preserve pain words with dementia

Here are the URLs for other countries:




Older people can benefit from My Pain Alert. Our MPAS+ (My Pain Alert Scale Plus) scale is easiest to use and is ADA friendly.



Are there other tools for parents to teach their child how to manage pain?

 No.  We took on this creative challenge  because it was going to be years before our little guy had the working memory and experience base to use a typical pain scale to get his needs met.

Can I buy it in a store?

You can order it through any bookstore.  We would like our purse size revision and disposable toys to be available in hospital gift shops.  Let your local shop manager know about My Pain Alert.

Product Features

Easy to Use

For most users:  Start reading the My Pain Alert Stories which describe each pain level.  Get even more practice with the scale by learning sign language for each level name. 

Buy  a MPAS+ card set to practice with and share with your medical provider. The pain scale you use is your choice.

Supported by Research

Our field trial of 10 families experiencing repeat hospitalizations, and 5 families experiencing ordinary health needs ALL reported less stress and faster solutions to pain events after reading My Pain Alert together.

Less Caregiver Stress

Medical personnel depend on family and caregivers when someone can’t report their level of pain.  Practice with this book  puts parent and child, or child and elder on the same page.  Our scale words are quickly understood by patients and doctors.

What Parents Say

Read their own words - how this book helps their children in our first blog:  “Users Said.” We add blogs periodically about use with different patient groups:  stroke, autism, and alternative communication. Our latest "If you are sure" is directed at ordinary people.  Everyone needs help when in pain.

Free downloads from this site.


For My Pain Alert(R) products  print:  "Products from this site"

Want to score your Pain Rx Effectiveness?

Print  "Pain Rx Effectiveness" 

Need to help your doctor get you the best care?  Print "Pain Symptom Notes."

Are you researcher interested in strong correlation between studies:

Print "Recommended Data Collection.

Also included: a TEST for readers, a TOY for children, and easy instructions for use.

Buy My Pain Alert Scale Plus cards

Meet the pain management needs of everyone in your family with our MPAS+ cards designed with a word side for older family members and pictures for kids.  All the basic questions in a "point to" format. 

Four plastic cards for family and your doctor.  Write us with comments.  Payment through Square, PayPal or check. 

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