My Pain Alert TM  Communication Tool teaches appropriate functional responses to pain situations, and provides options to communicate those responses.  We believe this book will especially help parents of very young children having pain issues.  Gail used her 40+ years of experience as a Speech Language Pathologist working in a variety of settings to shape it to be inclusive of people of all ages.  She designed it for communication difficulties including: neurological, hearing, vision, and autism spectrum impairments.

It is not intended to be a comprehensive pain assessment.  It is a learning tool for ordinary people, and a support tool for the medical professionals tasked to diagnose pain.  Once the patient demonstrates understanding of the process, then other scales can be used with it.  Use of realistic line drawings was intentional, to make this tool age neutral.

The My Pain Alert TM Scale requires training for effective use.  That is the purpose of the My Pain Alert TM stories, with signing,
and song.



Our Team

Gail Goldstein has been a certified speech language pathologist in both Illinois and Kentucky for over 40 years.  She was tenured in the public school systems in both states and is currently
licensed in Kentucky.

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Q – How much practice with the stories will my child need?

A- The younger the child, the more practice needed. We encourage three readings. Some children in our field trial used My Pain Alert training to communicate their exact pain needs hours after the first parent/child reading.  The book has research information to help you determine your child’s ideal practice amount in the Annotated Bibliography.

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1.  To reduce the fear of the unknown that comes with pain.

2.  To target the very young emphasizing the story aspect of pain events.  The stories stress understanding that pain is a part of life with an expected…

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For Help with a communication problem go to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.  At the bottom of the home page click on ‘Find A Professional’, then add your location;
or call 1 800 638 8225.

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